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Pinnacle, as one of the most preferred partners in the talent acquisition, management and development for your organisation, not only focus on current but also future manpower needs


How do we distinguish ourselves from the other service providers in the talents searching industry?

Dynamic Organisations

We hold the following beliefs and will strictly adhere to them in our work:

Dynamic Organisations

  • We are never on the sideline, but take an active role in your playing fields
  • We take an integral role as part of your team rather than a consultant or advisor
  • We have an implicit understanding of the position as you do
  • We have an implicit understanding of your company and culture as you do
  • We identify all practical but innovative channels with the recruiting departments and managers in your organization
  • We will care about the future development of the placed candidates as you do


We are:


  • Market Focus (Asia Pacific and Greater China) and Client Driven
  • Responsive
  • Striving for Long-Term Partnership
  • Flexible and Customised in Service Offering
  • Quality Assured & Strong in Following Through


We specialise in placement of managerial and above roles in below job functions:


  • Finance
  • Engineering / R&D
  • Human Resources
  • General Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operation and Supply Chain
  • Information Technology


Industry focus


  • Banking and Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Hi – tech or Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Professional Services
  • FMCG
  • International Sourcing and Buying

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